Hyundai Accent? California

Hoover Street and West 18th Street Los Angeles

What Happened: I work for a service that insurance companies use to investigate injury accidents. I take photos on foot of the street. At 10:05 AM 6/20/2017, I was taking photos of this intersection when I took this photo. I took the photo I needed to take. Then, out of no where, this Hyundai Accent darts at me as I am exiting the street. He pins me between his car and a parked car, prevents me from moving, rolls down his window and gives me shit about taking street photos. I noticed illegal tint and a rear passenger who used a shade for a windshield to cover his face.

I have news for you at UBER. I suggest you get your IT dept to magnify the plate and get this piece of shit, drug dealer, a-hole off your roster before someone lawyers up because he assaulted someone with his car. If I ever get assaulted by an UBER driver while working, you can bet I will sue you for everything your company has. Tell your drivers that fucking with insurance adjusters while they are trying to get street photos at an intersection is NOT in your best interest. You have been warned. I will start using LYFT from now on. My job is dangerous enough without brainless dumbass UBER drivers transporting shady gangsters making it worse.