Los Angeles near LAX

Fuckin’ Uber drivers! These assholes drive like they own the road. Blocking intersections, cutting people off and generally driving like complete assholes. One of these jerks is going to pick a fight with the wrong person and get their ass fucked up bad. And I will be there to laugh in their face when it happens. Remember, Uber isn’t designed to be a career.

7RRM175 Moreno Valley, CA

This sorry excuse for a driver in general completely disobeyed a solid red stop light, drove into on coming traffic to be able to turn onto the onramp for the free way, cutting me off and driving in the MIDDLE lane of a two lane road endangering me and other drivers and then got in front of me. Drivers for both uber and lyft, had a passenger as well…. Get this lady off those companies!

HAS7452 Syracuse, NY

This Uber driver, displaying the Uber logo in the right windshield area, parked in the crosswalk at the Syracuse Regional Transportation Center so he could go inside and wait in line at a Subway Restaurant to get something. A person mentioned that to the Uber driver when he came out and an argument ensued. The Uber driver was in the wrong for parking in a no parking area and a crosswalk to begin with, especially considering the abundance of free short term parking spaces. You would think the Uber driver would be apologetic for blocking a crosswalk, or at least not argumentative. So much for portraying a positive image for Uber – who should yank his driving privilege for blatant disregard for laws and people.

DWP7479 Geddes, NY

This driver has a taxi type light on the roof that says UBER. This is not allowed. Uber is very strict on commercial advertising on a vehicle. The fact that this vehicle looks like a taxi makes me wonder if the driver is taking cash walkups from people thinking it is a taxi.

7VEN598 San Diego, CA

Uber driver (for passengers) was blocking entire driveway at the Super 8 in Hotel Circle between 5:55pm and 6:05pm. Was asked by several drivers who are staying at the hotel to please move. Driver rudely shook his head no, locked his door and remained blocking the driveway. If this is the way Uber trains their drivers to act, I will personally make sure I spread the word about the rude behavior and will contact my city councilman in order to have Uber drivers banned from working in our city. I know this was an Uber Driver due to the Uber sticker in his window.

1PB257 Natick, MA

What Happened: This driver was tailgating me in very dense traffic. He then passed on the right and cut in front of me. He continued to brake as he tailgated the driver in front, and repeatedly veered into the right lane….

RFQ951 Denver, CO

tWhat Happened: The driver of the Uber car ran a red light (not by a fraction of a second but the light was green for me, traveling perpendicular, for at least the 30 seconds I approached). Immediately after plowing through the red light, he stopped to let his passengers out in the middle of the lane. So now have to slam on my brakes and I’m stuck in the middle of the intersection while every rider gets out, thanks the driver, and such.

1CR9528 Washington, DC

What Happened: He was aggressive driving all the way from Georgetown to 495 beltway- no passenger in car –
Driving down one way sections of road, passing on double yellow, almost forced another driver into opposite lane of traffic

6NST025 California

What is it with Uber drivers? Can’t they read? It is CLEARLY posted in my parking lot PRIVATE PARKING ONLY, yet these idiots keeps parking here. Learn to fucking read you morons! This fat fuck just parked his car like it was no big deal to block my car in. LEARN TO READ, ASSHOLES! I wouldn’t ride with a moron that can’t read.