Hyundai Accent? California

Hoover Street and West 18th Street Los Angeles

What Happened: I work for a service that insurance companies use to investigate injury accidents. I take photos on foot of the street. At 10:05 AM 6/20/2017, I was taking photos of this intersection when I took this photo. I took the photo I needed to take. Then, out of no where, this Hyundai Accent darts at me as I am exiting the street. He pins me between his car and a parked car, prevents me from moving, rolls down his window and gives me shit about taking street photos. I noticed illegal tint and a rear passenger who used a shade for a windshield to cover his face.

I have news for you at UBER. I suggest you get your IT dept to magnify the plate and get this piece of shit, drug dealer, a-hole off your roster before someone lawyers up because he assaulted someone with his car. If I ever get assaulted by an UBER driver while working, you can bet I will sue you for everything your company has. Tell your drivers that fucking with insurance adjusters while they are trying to get street photos at an intersection is NOT in your best interest. You have been warned. I will start using LYFT from now on. My job is dangerous enough without brainless dumbass UBER drivers transporting shady gangsters making it worse.

T685204 New York

New York
What Happened: I ordered Uber, but he refused to take me and my dog (even though I called an texted the driver to make sure pets are okay, but with no answer). After he showed up 15 minutes later, looked at me and refused to open the door (or even a window!) to say hi. He yelled to get another one.

FOUAD California

Santa Clara CA
What Happened: This man is an absolute crook! I left my phone in his car and he would not return any of my 30+ phone calls asking him to contact me. As I did not have my phone, I had to leave my fathers contact phone number and he only responed after my father offered him $200 to return the phone. EXTORTION ARTIST DRIVER. RIDE AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!

7VUB669 California

San Francisco CA
What Happened: Black Toyota Corolla with illiegal tinted windows driving along Sunset Blvd starts drifting into my lane toward my car. I swerve to dodge from getting hit. I speed up and get in front and him. Not sure if he was on the phone or looking at his phone but he definitely was not watching the road.

7FYH521 California

Los Angeles, CA

Driving near the airport. UBER pulls over in a no stopping area to let people out and ends up blocking traffic for almost a half a mile. What kind of idiot stops on a major street where there is no stopping near the airport? Then he acts insulted when everyone passing him is honking and yelling at them. Stupid Uber driver.

6NST025 California

Los Angeles, CA

Some asshole Uber fuck decides he wants to park in front of my car in a reserved parking space so he can get his takeout from next door. And the fuck left his keys in the car. So I got in and moved it down the block. Wish I could have seen the look on their stupid face.

6WBM734 California

Location: Los Angeles, CA

I was merging onto La Cienega from La Tijera. There was tons of space for me to merge. This dark blue sedan comes zooming up at like 70mph, cuts in the lane then slams on their brakes, lays on the horn, then cuts around me. The Uber sticker on the front window was visible from a mile away. After this jerk cut around me, after we make the right turn he pulls up to the passenger side and starts screaming at me. Then the passenger starts doing the same and throwing shit at my car. When you have the Uber sticker in your window it means you represent them. Nothing like a stupid, dangerous asshole to rep your company, right Uber? Tried contacting Uber and nothing happened. Fuckers!

Amy K.

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